Psych Soc Temp

This is a collection of MP3s and notes for a psychology and sociology review geared toward those studying for the MCAT. These episodes are smaller and more targeted than the biology series. You will find audio and notes are a much higher quality then the biology review, please see the free episodes if you are curious. Buy the whole series or just individual episodes that you need a refresher for. Best of luck in your studies. -Vanfidel

This page is temporary. The only way to get access is by purchasing early access at this time on the home page. The episodes listed below are all finished and included in early access. Any new episodes will also be made available to those that have already purchased early access.

002 The Nervous System
003 The Brain Structure and Function
005 Sensation and Perception
006 The Visual System
007 The Auditory System
008 Taste Smell and Touch
009 Consciousness and Sleep
010 Altered Consciousness
011 Learning
012 Memory